Instead of filing a lawsuit, Wendy Bell should have just moved on

I always liked Wendy Bell, but in the court of public Twitter and Facebook, she doesn’t have a chance (“Fired WTAE Anchor Bell Files Suit for Reinstatement,” June 21). All a lawsuit is going to do is drag the issue on for her and her family for years. She would have been better off just burying herself in charity work and letting the world discover what a nice person she is. 

Paul Krugman: Tale of two parties

Do you remember what happened when the Berlin Wall fell? Nobody had realized how decadent communism had become. It had tanks and nukes, but nobody believed in it anymore; its officials and enforcers were mere careerists, who folded at the first shock.

District fishing report: 06.24.16

Lake Erie (Erie County): Perch were hitting at 45-50 feet, and as deep as 55 feet off the lighthouse. Anglers found walleye at about 40 feet, and some as large as 30 inches were reported. Robert Logan of Monroeville boated four walleye in an hour in 50-foot waters off Walnut Creek.