‘Jane Doe January’: A Pittsburgh rape victim recounts her search for justice that spanned two decades

Jane Doe January is called Jane Doe January because she was raped in January. There is also a Jane Doe November. Both women were raped in Shadyside in 1992 by the same man, a stranger to them. Mystery writer Emily Winslow is Jane Doe of “Jane Doe January: My Twenty-Year Search for Truth and Justice,” HarperCollins ($26.99), a nonfiction account of her assault and quest to put her attacker behind bars.

‘The City of Mirrors’: An apocalyptic vampire trilogy concludes, mixing myth and faith

In Justin Cronin’s 2010 novel “The Passage,” readers were introduced to a United States that had been decimated by an apocalypse courtesy of bioengineered vampires created by the US military. Set 100 years after this apocalypse, the book followed a group of survivors, led by Peter Jaxon and a mysterious girl known only as Amy, as they set out to save their settlement and look for other survivors. In 2012’s “The Twelve,” the adventures of these survivors continued as they searched for the genesis of the vampires in an attempt to destroy the plague once and for all.