Renewal of Pitt-Penn State basketball rivalry in the works

The genuine, impassioned and sometimes angry questions that surround the Pitt-Penn State football series, the ones wondering why the state’s pre-eminent programs aren’t scheduled to play each other beyond a brief four-game deal, can obscure another facet of an estranged rivalry — the two schools haven’t played each other consistently in men’s basketball in more than a decade.

Charles Krauthammer: Forget Trump’s tweets; Congress is the main event

WASHINGTON — The most amusing part of the Trump transition has been watching its effortless confounding of the media, often in fewer than 140 characters. One morning, after a Fox News report on lefty nuttiness at some obscure New England college — a flag burning that led a more-contemptible-than-usual campus administration to take down the school’s own American flag — Donald Trump tweets that flag burners should go to jail or lose their citizenship.

City Council’s proposed ban on conversion therapy for minors is wise

I am writing to support Pittsburgh City Council’s proposed ban on conversion therapy for minors (“Pittsburgh City Council Advances Proposal to Limit ‘Conversion Therapy,’ ” Dec. 8). No credible psychological, medical or psychiatric organization views conversion therapy as legitimate, and many have made statements about the profound harm these approaches tend to inflict. 

Paul Krugman: Don’t breathe easy

Many people voted for Donald Trump because they believed his promises to restore what they imagine were the good old days — the days when America had lots of traditional jobs mining coal and producing manufactured goods. They’re going to be deeply disappointed: The shift away from blue-collar work is mainly about technological change, not globalization, and no amount of tweets and tax breaks will bring those jobs back.

Polluters can rejoice at Trump’s EPA pick

Is anyone surprised when Donald Trump appoints a fox to guard the henhouse to help himself or his cronies make fortunes at the expense of public health? His appointment of an avowed enemy of environmental protection as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (“Trump Names 3 New Picks for His Cabinet,” Dec. 8) is clearly intended to destroy our protection from the big polluters so they can rake in as much money as possible.

First Person: Acting the actor

In January, Tami Dixon invited me to participate in this year’s “Bricolage Urban Scrawl.” It’s a lot to ask: Actors in BUS must memorize, stage and perform new one-act plays in less than 12 hours. The pressure can reduce seasoned actors to quivering wrecks.

Join us to discuss the challenges we all face regarding extremism

As a daily ritual, I wake up every morning and pray that no act of terror is committed by enemies of peace. As an Ahmadi Muslim in America, I have a civic responsibility to strongly condemn the knife-wielding Abdul Artan and other extremists who reach out to hurt humanity. I also pray for the students who were attacked at Ohio State University and wish them full recovery.