Penguins Prospectus: Nick Bonino

Penguins Prospectus is an offseason project by Jason Mackey and Sam Werner that each weekday through Sept. 16 will examine 27 parts of the organization. Players and team personnel will appear according to when they played, coached or managed their first game with the Penguins, starting with Justin Schultz and ending with Marc-Andre Fleury.

Wars are hard to end

After 52 years of war, the guns finally fell silent in Colombia at midnight on Sunday, when permanent ceasefires were proclaimed by ( the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and the Colombian government.

As Others See It: Candidates must be candid about their health

Like all of us, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to die. Will it be in the next four years? Probably not. But for voters, that’s a reasonable question, especially given that Ms. Clinton is 68 and Mr. Trump, 70. Unfortunately, the candidates have refused to divulge the kind of information that would enable anyone to arrive at an informed opinion about their health.

Comparing Trump to Churchill is beyond absurd

If ever there was an advertisement for which university not to send your children, it must surely be Liberty University president Jerry Falwell Jr.’s ode to Donald Trump, first published in The Washington Post, suggesting that he is the Churchillian leader we need (“Not a Typical Republican,” Aug. 25 Perspectives). The mere concept of putting Mr. Trump’s name in the same sentence as Churchill begs belief.